Moot Court

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Moot Court will take place Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at the Thomas J. Moyer Judicial Center.  

Details and Registration 

Attend the March 18, 2015 Professional Development to learn more about and prepare for Moot Court 2015.





Moot Court focuses on the appellate court process and is designed to provide students the opportunity to present a simulated oral argument and respond to questions posed by a panel of volunteer judges. Moot Court arguments are evaluated on the application of the law to the facts of the case. Moot Court also gives many students their first experience in legal writing by allowing participants to compose a legal brief related to their arguments that will be reviewed and scored by volunteer attorneys. By focusing on the applicability of Constitutional law to current legal issues, Moot Court provides students with an opportunity to strengthen critical thinking skills and increase their understanding of the Constitution and judicial system.

New!  Moot Court Videos:  Tutorial and Student Panel

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about Moot Court, OCLRE's newest program!  A Moot Court how-to for teachers and students, the video outlines Moot Court basics --  brief writing, oral arguments, working with legal advisers, and more.  Plus, watch sample student arguments in a simulated hearing:



Students discuss how Moot Court compares to Mock Trial, what to expect, and how to prepare.  "Moot Court rocks!"



Thank you to the St. Francis DeSales High School Moot Court team and the Ohio State Bar Association.

Attorneys:  interested in serving as a Moot Court Team Legal Advisor, Competition Judge, or Brief Evaluator?  2014-2015 Volunteer Form

Moot Court Resources and Hearings