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With your help, OCLRE is able to enhance your favorite programs:

  • Mock Trial

  • We the People

  • Moot Court

  • Youth for Justice & Project Citizen

  • Teacher Professional Development & Outreach


These programs have enriched the lives of thousands of Ohio youth and provided quality professional development for hundreds of teachers.


With continued support, we are able to defray costs for schools with limited resources and provide teachers with necessary materials to implement programs in the classroom.


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Thank You, Donors!

OCLRE is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that have made financial contributions in support our mission. Donations support program delivery, teacher training, and help offset any financial barrier to student participation.

The Deborah DeHaan Scholarship Fund, established by the OCLRE Board of Trustees, supports schools in need of financial assistance to participate in OCLRE programs. To donate or learn more, please contact Kate Strickland at

Deborah DeHaan Sullivan served as executive director from 1999 until her retirement in 2012.  Under her leadership, OCLRE expanded its programming, resources, and partnerships. Deb’s vision for OCLRE and her commitment to our core values – especially quality service to educators – were exemplary and unwavering. Deb believed that OCLRE programs were first and foremost educational and that they were for all students. Deb’s legacy and her commitment to serving all Ohio students and teachers lives on and continues to impact the organization’s mission, vision, and culture.



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