Youth for Justice

2015  Virtual Summit

What is Youth for Justice?

      Youth for Justice is a student-led program designed to empower youth to be actively engaged citizens who work together to make a positive difference in their community.  

 The program allows students to identify an injustice, intolerance or problem relevant to their local community, and then develop a plan of action and work together to remedy the injustice. 



2015 Topic Submission Form


Teams wishing to enter projects into the 2015 Virtual Summit should submit registration forms no later than April 15, 2015.  Projects should be submitted digitally to  For more information on the digital summit requirements, and Youth for Justice generally, please consult the 2015 Youth For Justice Manual.


       April 15 – Topic Submission Deadline. 

 May 6 – Completed projects and any supporting material due to OCLRE. Video of presentations made locally, photos and written reports are all acceptable. While not required, video capturing students’ local presentations is strongly encouraged, as it is the most effective means of sharing their work “from afar.” Video presentations should not exceed 10 minutes. OCLRE recognizes that resources vary from school to school; please advise if you have questions or concerns. Review presentation guidelines here. *Note: photo release forms must be signed and returned in order for OCLRE to publish videos/photos.

 May 22 – The 2015 Virtual Summit will be hosted via Evaluators will view projects and offer written feedback, which will ultimately be sent to teachers/advisors.


View projects from the 2014 Summit


Implementation Grants

     A limited number of implementation grants are available to help students implement their projects. Teams may request a maximum of $50. The grant application can be found HERE.


Why Use the Youth For Justice Program?

     Youth For Justice gives students the power to make a difference in their communities through service-based learning. As students work on their projects, they develop valuable 21st century skills.

Youth For Justice is aligned to Ohio's New Learning Standards in Social Studies and English.Language Arts.


Who can be a Youth for Justice?

The versatile nature of the program allows it to be incorporated into the classroom or used with afterschool programs, homeschoolers and youth organizations.


We can come to you

Unable to attend a scheduled professional development? If you have at least five interested individuals, one of whom is an OCLRE member, we can come to you! Contact for details.




For more information, contact