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The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework is a new and exciting approach to authentic education in Social Studies. OCLRE is proud to support the expansion of the framework here in Ohio and has created resources to help teachers implement the framework in their classrooms. For questions about the resources below, or to inquire about training around the C3 Framework, contact Ryan Suskey at rsuskey@oclre.org.


Ohio Government in Action Curriculum


In 2016, OCLRE, with the assistance of Ohio teachers, created the Ohio Government in Action Inquiry Designed Curriculum.  This curriculum offers five C3 designed to deepen understanding of state and local government standards, based on the high school government standards.    Click HERE to download.


In a collaborative effort, teachers and OCLRE created inquiries that dive into both the middle and high school standards.  Use the chart below to find an Inquiry that best matches your needs.

Topic/Compelling Question


Should Our Individual Rights Change? 

Nick Geruntino, Washington High School, Washington Court House, OH

Jennifer Pluta, Lorain County Joint Vocational School, Oberlin, OH

Do We Need a Common National Identity? 

Jessica Parker, Xenia High School, Xenia, OH

Jinnifer Roach, Berea-Midpark Middle School, Berea, OH

Was Manifest Destiny a Good Thing? 

Robin Lashley, Berea-Midpark Middle School, Berea, OH

Lisa Love, Miller High School, Corning, OH

Is the Suffrage Movement Finished? 

Courtney Reiner, Ayersville High School, Defiance, OH

Matthew Wunderle, Ravenna High School, Ravenna, OH

Do Citizens Exercise Meaningful Influence Over the Government?   

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

Should Education Be a Fundamental Right Recognized in the U.S. Constitution? 

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

Was the Northwest Ordinance a Victory for Abolitionists?

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

 Are We Fulfilling the Promise of the Fifteenth Amendment

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

 How should we remember European colonization of the "New World"?

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

Do Constitutional amendments make governments better?

Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

How should judges be selected for the bench?


Ohio Center for Law-Related Education




Partnering with Teachers to Bring Citizenship to Life

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